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How You May Benefit From Reflexology...

Living Spectrum ReflexologyTM embodies modern holistic
and natural modalities, methods, and products believed
to support the body's healing processes at core levels.

Facial Reflexology Session - Click Here To Learn More. Foot Reflexology Session

Facial Reflex Therapy and Traditional Foot/Hand Reflexology

Lynn Diehl, CRR is the first and only Sorensensistem certified
 Facial Reflex Therapy Instructor in Pennsylvania, taught directly
by creator
Lone Sorensen, and is one of only a small number
of certified Facial Reflexologists in the United States.

Health practitioners and body workers, click to learn about Facial Reflexology Classes.

Facial Reflex Therapy Classes

Advanced, integrated reflexology uses several techniques to stimulate reflex points on your face, feet, and hands combined with the activation of reflex points on your ears, enhanced by the use of medicinal-grade essential oils, meridian channel opening, and Reiki to prompt your body to engage and reactivate stagnate organ processes.  All you need to do is relax in a comfortable lounge chair and enjoy the experience!

This process helps you relax at a deep level so your channels of energy, blood, and nerve signals open to enhance the flow of nutrients, waste material, blood, energy, lymph, nerve impulses, and so on. After a session most people feel relaxed, refreshed, and revitalized.

An Introduction To Reflexology

Thousands of years ago, healers in various cultures discovered that maladies within the body were reflected in the extremities, most notably, in the hands and feet. By observing the association between discomforts in the body and tender spots in the hands and feet, healers began to understand how the body as a whole was reflected in the extremities. They also discovered that applying pressure and stimulation to tender spots in the extremities resulted in relief from disease and improvement in health.

Maps have been devised that show the relationship between the body and the reflex points in the extremities, which also includes the ears. Reflex points reside in the tissue - some are the size of a pinhead but most are relatively larger. When there is distress in particular body areas, related reflex points in the extremities are typically tender when slight pressure is applied. Such sore or tender spots are caused by deposits.


Biopsies of deposit sites have shown these to consist of connective tissue, nerve fibers, vascular material, and other organic substances. The size, sensitivity, mobility, and consistency of deposits indicate to the reflexologist the degree to which an anatomical or functional problem is subacute, acute, or chronic in nature. By working the reflex points in a particular way, the body responds by reactivating the flow of blood, lymph, nerve impulses, bioelectrical energy, and other fluids that may have been impeded.

Your whole body responds positively when deposits are cleared and your body's systems can again function better. Reflexology is a modality that can put your body in a state that supports its ability to heal itself. Since your body parts and systems are all interconnected, a trained reflexologist knows that working reflex points in the hands, feet, and ears as well as on the face can effect a change in certain areas of the body that are compromised.

Over time, various symptoms of discomfort and disease will begin to manifest, even if there is no apparent cause at the time symptoms appear. Usually it is at this stage of health degeneration that you would seek out medications or the assistance of a health care professional with hopes of getting relief. Either alone or in conjunction with other therapies, reflexology can support your health goals in a relaxing, non-invasive way. Make reflexology part of your health maintenance program - "It's A Whole Body Experience!"


In Just 60 Minutes, You Could Experience
One Or More These Health-Enhancements

  • Reduction of pain caused by injury or inflammation.
  • Achieve a deep state of relaxation that revitalizes and refreshes you.
  • Relief from the toxic, health-eroding effects and tension caused by stress.
  • Full nights of better, deep, rejuvenating, restful sleep.
  • Increased nutrient/oxygen carry blood flow to revitalize cell function.
  • More efficient circulation of cleansing lymph fluids.
  • Improved immune system response and modulation.
  • Normalized detoxification of metabolic wastes and toxins.
  • Easing of headaches and/or other symptoms of PMS.
  • Better digestion and waste elimination.
  • Optimal energy flow with enhanced vitality and feeling of well-being.


Click me to learn more about how Facial Reflexology can benefit you.

Facial Reflex Therapy

Health practitioners and body workers, click to learn about Facial Reflexology Classes.

Facial Reflex Therapy Classes



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Advanced, Integrated Reflex Therapies
For Rejuvenation And Rehabilitation

"It's A Whole Body Experience!"TM

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Although these modalities have been found helpful with numerous health
conditions, they are not used to diagnose, prescribe, or treat specific conditions.

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