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Real, Highly Absorbable, Ultra Hypoallergenic Nutrition That Kids Can Use!

intraKID® All-In-One 215+ Essential Nutrient Formula


intraKID® contains over 215+ nutrients ALL-IN-ONE
ALL Ingredients Are 100% Carbon-bond microcomplexed™ & Homeostatic
71+, 100% carbon-bond microcomplexed™ trace minerals (full spectrum)
proprietary carbon-bond intraCELL™ V Technology
115 antioxidants ("free radical" scavengers / anti-aging)
10 essential fatty acids (EFA) - omega 3, 6 & 9
Organic carbon (living), (60,000 mg/l)
39 amino acids ("building blocks" of protein)
10 digestive enzymes (pure plant derived)
oxygen - 175 mg/l (dissolved & stabilized)
35 green foods & phytonutrients
8 essential sugars (bound by carbon)
62 vitamins and nutrients (essential)
34 herbs (adaptogenic & supportive)
16 macro minerals (100% carbon- bond organic)
14 vegetables (antioxidant rich)
65 electrolytes (100% carbon- bond organic)
7 optimum seeds & sprouts
aloe vera (carbon bound)
6 protein mineral nutrients
25 fruits (antioxidant rich)
10 probiotics (non-dairy)
silver (carbon bound)
noni (carbon bound)
12 carotenoids (mixed)
22 fibers (all natural)
Whole Foods
ultra hypoallergenic
Brain support nutrients
86 bioflavonoids
fulvic acid (4.0%)
100% vegetarian
100% drug free
Phyto Nutrition
NO additives
100% natural
intraKID™ Does not Contain: preservatives, colloids, fat, cholesterol, wheat, gluten, caffeine, corn, yeast, rice flour, peanuts, nuts, soy, dairy, fish or fish oil, animal products, artificial additives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, fillers, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics (drugs), chemicals, starch, binders, coatings, excipients, or flow agents.
Manufactured exclusively by DruckerLabs for Health Care Professionals.  All trademarks,
registered trademarks, and
proprietary processes are the
 exclusive property of Drucker
Technologies, Inc. and/or

Powerful Nutritional Supplement For Growing Kids! (Adults Like It Too!)

Don't let the fresh raspberry taste fool you.  intraKID® utilizes the same proven proprietary 100% organic microcomplexedTM carbon-based technology used to create intraMAX® and intraMIN® that facilitates virtually 100% absorption, utilization, and nutritional benefit.

In fact, intraKID® is the most comprehensive formula of an array of perfectly balanced nutrients designed to meet the critical and special needs of children.  Most children's supplements on the market contain less than 30 nutrients.  intraKID® contains over 215 all natural nutrients which can help reverse the effects of poor nutrition with regular use!

Areas of concern regarding children that are supported by intraKID® include:

  • Neuro-Cognitive Brain Function

  • Digestion

  • Focus and Concentration

  • Mood Regulation

  • Short and Long Term Memory

  • Sleep and Wake Cycle

  • Immune System Response

  • Sugar Control (Low Glycemic)

  • Respiratory Support (Hypoallergenic)

  • Growth and Development

Out With The Bad - In With The Good

Like intraMAX®, intraKID® has the ability to instantly find and bond to any inorganic toxins in body tissue then instantly reduce them into ultra-tiny (ultra-chelated) non-toxic organically microcomplexedTM particles that can be readily eliminated through normal processes.  At the same time, the proprietary carbon-bond technology instantly infuses over 215 life-promoting, living (organic) nutrients into body cells with virtually 100% absorption, utilization, and nutritional benefit!

With so many children developing new chronic illnesses at such an alarming rate these days, effective removal of cellular toxins and efficient delivery of living nutrients into the cells become important factors in maintaining and restoring children's health.

intraKID® provides the following health-supporting matrixes and factors for children all in one product:

  • Yeast, Parasite, Immune System & Autoimmune Response MatrixTM

  • Blood, Immune System Response, Sinus, Brain/Neurologics, Cellular & Intestinal MatrixTM

  • Fatigue, Brain Cognition, Inflammation & Weight MatrixTM

  • Amino Acid MatrixTM

  • Pure Plant Digestive Enzymes, Probiotic & Intestinal MatrixTM

  • Herbal Energy, Brain/Neuro/Memory/Clarity, Mood, Stress, Energy & Vitality MatrixTM

  • Antioxidant Rich Vegetable Garden, Optimum Seed, Sprout & Fiber MatrixTM

  • Antioxidant Rich Fruit Orchard MatrixTM

  • Full Spectrum Organic Trace Mineral MatrixTM

  • Vitamins & Minerals

  • 100% Organic Homeostatic aquacomplexesTM in a Proprietary and Homepathic Base of 100% Organically Bound (microcomplexedTM) Bach® Flowers (registered trademark of Bach Flower Remedies Limited)

  • Essential Oils & Other Nutrients

intraKID® was formulated to be well tolerated by allergy and chemically sensitive individuals.

Another Way Kids Are Helped

From sales of intraKID® the manufacturer elects to support the Wipe Out Kids' Cancer Organization.



The key is in the proprietary
delivery technology that allows
rapid cellular absorption and
utilization that no other dietary
supplement provides!


intraKID® is only available
through healthcare practitioners
following face-to-face consultations.

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intraKID® is available in 32 ounce as well as 2 ounce travel-size bottles.


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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Only you can determine whether this product  is suitable for your needs and you may wish to consult with your healthcare provider or doctor before use.

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