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Reflexology For Headache Relief

Headaches can be, well, a real headache for people, especially when they occur frequently or become debilitating. Tension headaches are the most common but migraines are usually the most debilitating. What makes any kind of headache worse is stress - physical and/or emotional. While you suffer from headaches, your appetite, sleep, and productivity can also suffer. Unfortunately, too few headache suffers know that Reflexology has been clinically proven to relieve headache pain and provide other health benefits in the process.

Reflexology techniques applied to the head and neck reflexes prompts your parasympathetic nervous system to relax tension held in your head and neck. That is because a majority of parasympathetic nerve fibers flow out of the head and neck area. While that alone may provide headache relief, reflexing additional points will promote whole-body relaxation to slow your heart; improve digestion; stimulate liver, bladder, and kidney function (detoxification); and support restful sleep.

When your body is stuck in "sympathetic overdrive" it shuts down relaxation and rejuvenation activities while increasing overall tension. Tension and toxic build-up can contribute greatly to headaches. Your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are intended to be complementary and headaches can result when they get out of sync. Being able to sleep and detoxify better removes a major source of stress from your body, allowing you to feel better and be more productive. Reflexology techniques help restore needed balance and relaxation that can bring you headaches relief - "It's A Whole Body Experience!"


"It's A Whole Body Experience!"TM


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