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Reflexology For Pain Relief

Pain is common for a simple but very good reason - it's your warning system that tells you when something harmful has happened or is happening to your body. Without the pain response, you could further risk your health by allowing the harmful event(s) to continue. Pain, however, also keeps you from pleasurable activities, which entices you to ignore the pain or use pain relievers instead of treating the problem. By the time you seek treatment, the pain most likely has become severe and/or debilitating. Reflexology can help with pain relief and encourage your body to heal the underlying cause.

Acute pain is usually easier to resolve because your body is not yet locked into a pain response pattern from the underlying cause. Reflexology techniques applied to calm your nervous system and the inflammation response can help your body begin its healing process. By putting and keeping your body in a more harmonious state of relaxation at the onset of a pain event, you body is better able to manage its healing and recovery processes. The sooner that a pain event is tended to, the better the chances of a quicker recovery.

Chronic pain occurs when your nervous system continues triggering a pain response long after an injured or damaged body area has apparently healed. Pain can range from non-specific dull and achy to burning, stabbing, tingling sensations. In a sense, your nervous system becomes dysfunctional and needs to be brought back to a harmonious state. Reflexology encourages your body to do what it does best to restore your health.

If not reduced or resolved, chronic pain may lead to numerous other disorders. Mood or anxiety disorders as well as depression can be triggered by nerve damage caused by long-term pain, which can cause more pain. The immune system also becomes suppressed which allows inflammation to increase and delays healing. Should cortical brain areas become damaged, attention span, memory, verbal capacity, and mental flexibility can diminish. Stroke risk can increase from chronic migraines.

Chronic pain, if not adequately reduced or resolved, can cause additional serious health problems. It is in your best interest, then, to treat acute pain before it becomes chronic. Pain of any kind is a warning that something harmful has or is happening to your body that needs corrective attention. Advanced techniques, such as Facial Reflexology and Temprana, can be used to augment more traditional Foot, Ear, and Hand Reflexology to support this goal - "It's A Whole Body Experience!"


"It's A Whole Body Experience!"TM


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