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Reflexology For Sleep

Adequate sleep is one of the most important processes for your rejuvenation and health. Both quantity and quality of sleep are necessary for optimal maintenance functions as well as memory integration. You may desperately want and need adequate sleep so much that you resort to over-the-counter sleeping pills, prescription medications, and even nutritional supplements without getting desired results. Reflexology, however, is probably something you have not yet tried to improve your sleep.

Sleeping pills, medications, and nutritional formulations monkey with brain chemistry to try to induce sleep. Using such products may provide short-term results but induce a "hangover" or "zombie" effect with repeated use. Eventually their ability to induce sleep is likely to wear off and higher dosages or stronger formulations will be needed just to knock you out.

Not getting enough proper sleep has been linked to mental and physical decline such as premature aging, accidents resulting in disability and death, weight problems, and unstable diabetes. Sleep medications have resulted in strange behavior, eating disorders, and weight gain as well as bladder problems and heart rhythm disruption for some. Over time, the side-effects from using sleep aids may become more problematic than not getting enough proper sleep.

Sleep, being a whole-body process, requires that your Central Nervous System be in a state of balance. When the stresses of everyday life over stimulate your Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight), your Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest and rejuvenation) may not be able to provide the counter-balance needed for rest and sleep. Reflexology works to relieve such imbalances so your body can restore its normal, harmonious activity. Chances are that you will experience the most restful sleep that you have had in awhile during a full reflexology session.

Whatever benefits that you experience during your reflexology session will continue to work for you. Sensible lifestyle modifications will also help you make the most of your reflexology sessions so you can get the sleep that you need. Here are some things that can keep you awake: caffeine (the biggie), alcohol, diet and weight control compounds, water pills, smoking, and illicit drugs. Stress plus stimulants like those above are enemies of your sleep - and health. Reflexology can encourage your body to restore its balance and optimal functioning to reduce your desire for health-eroding substances and support natural sleep.

Occasionally you may find that a natural sleep aid is needed and beneficial. Regular use, however, could lead to more problems for you. When you sleep, your whole body needs to sleep - not just your brain. Wouldn't it be great if you could get a good night's sleep then wake feeling refreshed, energized, and full of creativity? Reflexology removes blockages and restores natural flow patterns in your body to encourage rest, sleep, and rejuvenation - "It's A Whole Body Experience!"


"It's A Whole Body Experience!"TM


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