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Reflexology For The "Untouchables"

Every organ and system in and of your body contributes to your health and well being to some degree. Being mostly internal, though, these organs and systems are generally "untouchable" should there be impairment, injury, or disease. Following an accident, surgery, stroke, or the development of disease are such cases. Since injured areas may be too painful to touch and other areas just not accessible, relief from discomfort can be achieved through reflexology.

A reflexologist educated about the various reflex points in the feet, hands, ears, and face can stimulate relevant points to remotely encourage healing processes. Since certain body work modalities, like massage or physical therapy, require touching or moving the body to have benefit they may not be appropriate or productive. By having an afflicted area reflexively stimulated, the body will respond to ease pain and/or enhance healing.

Pain resulting from dental work, accidents, surgery, and such, as well as internal impairment from stroke, heart disease, brain injury, eye disorders, and so on can respond positively from external stimulation. Reflexology is a beneficial modality for "untouchable" areas because reflex points for every body organ and system are accessible in touchable areas. There is no body part that reflexology cannot touch - "It's A Whole Body Experience!"


"It's A Whole Body Experience!"TM


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Although these modalities have been found useful in treating numerous health
conditions, they are not used to diagnose, prescribe, or treat specific conditions.

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